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Working Project

Name of Project Start Date Estimate End Date Status
Student Register Form 10/Jan/2016 13/Jan/2016 Complete
K-Shop 10/Jan/2016 15/Jan/2016 Complete
Student Result 11/Jan/2016 17/Jan/2016 Complete
Sistem Pengurusan Rekod 17/Jan/2016 19/Jan/2016 On-Going

Example of Website System

Figure 1: Attendance System

Figure 2: Futsal Online Booking System

Figure 3: Train Booking System

Please do contact me if you need this source code. After the payment has been made, i will give all the source code. Completed Source Code. All you just to do it download it and view at wampserver.

In addition, i also can create any system you want beside the example given.
You Name It, I Create It. Just contact me at my email. We will t alked about it.

Contact Me:


Provide source code [HTML and PHP] for student/professional at reasonable price. 
The source code i collect all from the internet and alter for many purposes. 
I can produce many type of website system such as booking system [Train,bus,books and many booking related], simple website and professional website.

I am using wampserver as for local server and notepad ++ for editing the source code.
The installer software will be given at upon request. Don't worry all this software are freeware.

Contacting me if you need my help for the final year project. Regarding toward the HTML and PHP.
I can be contacted from my official email :